An Indecisive Guide to Hair Decisions

Indecisive Guide to Hair Decisions - Evon Von Blog

If you're feeling confused by this title, you now know how I feel when it comes to my hair. As women decisions that have to do with our hair are major, and they can make or break our confidence. Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut, or attempted a hair color that went horribly wrong? I can't be the only one having such mishaps!

 Personally, I always have a hard time with my hair. I can never seem to find a routine that I can stick with, or I can't find a style that I like. A lot of the time, I find a hairstyle that I really think is cute, but then doubt sets in. I ask myself if I will look right with that. Then my overly self consciousness kicks into overdrive and I start judging every inch of myself which leads to a hot mess. Beyond that I always get the urge to change things up. Stability with styling has never been my forte. I always feel the need for change and that becomes exhausting. I used to be very 'fly by the seat of my pants' when it comes to my hair, but thankfully I have calmed down. That obviously doesn't stop my desire for change, but my indecisiveness has helped me to be more cautious whether I like it or not. Whenever I get a random idea to change my hair I ask myself a few questions:

  1. Do you like it? I mean, do you genuinely like the style? Is it something you really want or just a passing fancy. Will you regret it after a week or two? Will you be bored again with it?
  2. How much maintenance is involved? This also depends on what kind of gal you are. If you're a high maintenance woman who spends a decent amount of time getting ready in the mornings, you're probably better equipped to handle a hairstyle that requires more work. Then there are those of us who want something easy and fast....
  3. What are the risks? This is mainly due to chemicals. Any time you put chemicals on a part of your body, there are risks. With hair products there are a lot of risks from those you can see to those you cannot. Over processing your hair can lead to weak and brittle hair, or it can make you lose your hair. 
  4. Is it easy to transition out of. I hope that doesn't sound silly, it's an honest statement! If you decide to color your hair jet black, then decide after a month that you want to change to platinum, that is a crazy, drastic and challenging change to make. Not to mention how potentially damaging that could be to your hair.

I have a bad feeling towards chemicals. Especially relaxers and texturizers. My past experiences with them have not been good. My hair has been burned off, and I've had the hair on my hairline completely fall out. That is the reason I do not let other people do my hair. The aspect of permanence also freaks me out (for this, I'm referring mostly to relaxers). I see several short cute hairstyles and I like them, but if I were to relax my hair, that cannot be undone. That requires commitment to relaxers unless I choose to cut the relaxer out and start my natural hair journey all over again. Have I mentioned that I've done this 3 times already? I don't want to start again! The next time you think about changing your hair, really give it a long thought before jumping right into it. You may save yourself some frustration, anger and hair!

lotsa love to ya!

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