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Evon Von Beauty Finds
My appearance is always something that I have struggled with accepting. Either I wasn't happy with my hair, my clothes, my skin....there was always something. As a part of my personal goal for myself this year, I want to be more loving and accepting of myself. As part of this, I am making an effort to not only wear makeup more often, but take better care of my hair and skin. While hunting for a new brush at Target, I quickly walked through the several beauty isles and thought that maybe picking up one thing would be good, and would probably be sort of fun. This is obviously not one of those "Drugstore Makeup Hauls" because heaven knows I'm no pro at this. I did get four items that I know I will be using a lot, and I think that my first video of 2016 will have something to do with makeup or skin care.

Beauty finds at Target

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Removers- these towelettes are great. They work so well and they aren't harsh on my skin at all. Granted, I still love using my Coconut Oil, but this was definitely a nice change (and a less messy way of taking my makeup off!)
  2. Wet 'n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette- My skin is awful. I have dark spots under my eyes and under my nose and acne scars. This palette has helped to cover that up so when I apply my makeup, you can't see those flaws. 
  3. ELF angled Eyeliner Brush- I've wanted to try one of these for a while now. After using regular eyeliner pencils, I've felt the need to upgrade to using a brush of some sort. So I finally got my hands on one (that is really comfortable to hold) and I must say, I really like it!
  4. Rimmel London Eyeliner Gel- This mirrors wanting to upgrade from a pencil to a brush. I see videos of makeup artists using eyeliner gels and I have wanted to try it as well for a while. Its very different from a pencil, but I love it.
I've used these items several times and I have to say that I enjoy them. I might make it a weekly ritual to visit Target or Walmart or somewhere else to pick up 2 new beauty items to try. I believe I may have just figured out a weekly video series. I'll work more on those details and have more information later this week! Beauty/fashion bloggers- What new items/products have you tried lately?  What are some items or products that you are looking forward to?

lotsa love to ya!

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