Gerardos European Bakery

I love bakeries. There's just something so intoxicating and exciting about the smell of dough and sugar that fills the air when you step inside a good bakery. Upon our move to the northeastern part of the country, one thing I knew we would find in abundance were bakeries. And boy oh boy have we seen a plethora of bakeries all over town. But I'm not so much worried about how many as I am worried about what they have. Over the holiday season, my husband found an amazing bakery that isn't too far from where we live, and they have amazing treats! Gerardo's European Bakery, in Westborough Massachusetts is fantastic.When I think of that North Eastern bakery, this is the kind of place that immediately comes to mind. It's a nice, clean family owned bakery and they really out do themselves not only with variety, but quality as well. They were so kind to my husband and we have since gotten treats from them several more times. Although their sweet treats are to DIE for, next on the list, we shall try some savory treats!

Don't they all look delicious!?

adorable bite sized cookies

Lotsa love to ya!

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