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Happy New Year
Yes. I posted my goals for 2016, and immediately did....nothing. Well that's not entirely true. I've been working on a lot of behind the scenes things both in my personal life and for the blog. There are definitely going to be changes made to the blog, first and foremost my layout will be changing. Not to panic, the overall look will be similar still, but there will be notable changes. I have to say, that my decision to change the layout came after a lot of thinking. I was (and still am) very proud of the layout that has been on here for the past year or more. It took a lot of time, tweaking, anger, and annoyance to build the code from scratch, but at the end of it all, I loved what I put together. But after more than a year of looking at it, I decided that there are some much needed changes that need to go into effect. Some of those changes you should already see, that is with the color. Red has been the focal color of this blog for a long time. While I loved its sense of boldness, and 'in your face' vibe, in all actuality, it was definitely a bit too bold. It was certainly very harsh, and although I like that it it so bright, I need to tone it down a bit. I've been on the hunt for a softer alternative, although I would like to stick to warmer colors. Normally I am drawn to cooler colors, soft pastel blues and greens, but I wanted to stick to something relative to the color red. Searching and swatching different colors, I ended up with 3 (very similar) colors. I am currently test riding one for the next few weeks and we'll see how that goes. Here are my top 3 colors. Do you have a favorite? I may need help deciding!
Evon Von layout color swatch
I do think that the top color is my favorite

In addition to the visual tone of this blog changing, I also will be changing the general tone of this blog all together. Thats not to say that I won't be posting nerd/geek content. To the contrary! I will most certainly continue articles about gaming, cosplay and other nerdy things. But I want to show that this blog is more than just nerd culture, and that it is not a gimmick. I am a nerd down to my core and I will always love all things nerdy and geeky. We as people are multifaceted beings, and that means that we have so many different interests, and different parts to our personalities. I want this blog to continue showcasing that. One goal in my personal life is to be more elegant, more refined. I want that to be reflected in my blog as well. I want my blog not only to be liked by the cosplayers, but for the stay at home moms (or dads) looking for a good recipe. Yes, come for the potato soup recipe, but stay for the movie reviews, the craft tutorial, or the random late night ramblings. The bigger aspect for such a shift in the tone will be the font. Font is everything and I have built this layout with nerding out as the focus. The comic book font is perfect for that sort of thing. But as much as I love it, I am on the hunt for a new font. I have currently changed the 'logo' of Evon Von to something fairly plain, but I will be tweaking that in the weeks to come.
test font for Evon Von
plain, I know.
As I said above, I am a nerd to my core, but I want to show that although I will geek out over video games, movies, comic books etc, being a nerd isn't a gimmick. Nerd/geek culture has been served on a silver platter to the mainstream masses over the past few years. I remember when being called a nerd was a terrible thing. Now everyone jumps on the opportunity to tell the world they are a geek or nerd or gamer. I still love these things just as much as I did before they were popular. My content will still include all the geeky things (along with the other variety topics) offered before, but I want this to visually be more inclusive.

My 2016 goals for the blog are simple:

  • post 3 times a week minimum
  • create more YouTube videos
  • network with other bloggers more

That's it. Simple. I'm sure that I will add more goals as the year comes along, but for now that's all. Once I have adjusted the layout you will begin to see those goals coming to the open. I only ask that you bear with me as I work these kinks out! I promise that 2016 is going to be a fun year!

Lotsa love to ya!

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