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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Riding Boot Trend

The Riding Boot Trend - Evon Von Blog

Let me just say that I love boots. They are a perfect choice for adding flair to jeans, leggings even skirts and dresses. Fall and winter was made for boots of all variety. I own several pairs of knee high boots, ankle boots and cowboy boots. I love the look of riding boots, but they leave me feeling annoyed. Why you ask? Because they are everywhere. Shortly after moving to Massachusetts, my family and I took a short trip to Boston. It was obvious that flat riding boots were in style for fall 2015. Although there weren't too many women wearing them, there were enough to notice how solid the trend was. I made a mental note and continued with my day.  Fast forward to right now, January 2016. Between women at the supermarket and women at work, I believe the riding boot trend has reached DEF CON 5.
Winter Footwear Trend - Evon Von Blog

Regardless of where you go, you can bet there will be at least 5 women wearing riding boots. I work for a large company in a large building, there are a ton of people I pass everyday. Out of the many people I pass, the majority of them are women. Now out of those women, 30-40% of them are wearing some sort of boot (most of which are flat riding boots). This is too much. If I had a dollar for every person I saw wearing riding boots, I'd have enough money to go on a mini shopping spree! Boots are everywhere! Amid my annoyance with this overdone trend, I still secretly want to get a pair of riding boots for myself. I know, I know how can I be so annoyed with something yet still want it?! Well, like i said, I love boots. And even though the riding boots trend has most certainly reached critical mass, it's still very cute with the right outfit.

Footwear Trend Critical Mass - Evon Von Blog

lotsa love to ya!

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