5 Steps to Prepare for Cosplay

Okay so first let me just state that the method explained here is my method. The way I plan for cosplaying is the best way for me. There are tons of ways to prepare, and everyone has their own. You really have to figure out what will work better for you.

-Side note: This article is geared towards people who want to make their costumes. There's nothing at all wrong with purchasing a costume, you're still a cosplayer.

Evon Von Blog | 5 Steps To Prepare For Cosplay

1. Think of a character! This is the easiest thing, most of the time. Of course when you get inspired by lots of different movies, shows etc. It can be hard to decide. Start with making a list. What character do you like? What characters would you like to cosplay as?

2. Prioritize. Out of the characters you've selected, which ones do you like more? Which one do you feel could be done quicker and which one would take more time? This really plays into what your approach is. Some people prefer tackling the more complex costumes first. Personally I like to start with the easier/ less time consuming option.

3. Skill level. This is really important. Understanding where your skills are helps immensely when it comes to productivity. For example: I sew well, but when it comes to things like foam armor, I'm not so great.  My comfort level is strong with sewing, and nil when it comes to armor. I tend to focus on sewn costumes with one or two extra props or accessories, than full body armor. I still have nightmares about Faora from time to time. **Look below to watch my video about my Faora Ul Cosplay**

4. Plan every detail. When planning, I like to draw everything out. This not only allows me to see how many components there will be, it also allows me to get a better understanding of the details. When I draw out a characters costume, I'm able to get a better understanding of things like placement on the body of straps, harnesses, belts, blouses or whatever else the character is wearing. i make detailed notes of every accessory as well. This way I know I won't forget anything.

5. Rock it. Once you've finished your costume, put that thing on your body and have a blast wearing it! Don't compare your creation with someone elses, enjoy the work you put into your cosplay and be proud of what you created.

As I stated in the beginning, this is the method I use when preparing to cosplay. This may work for you, or it may not. Find the best method for you and have fun with it all. After all  we're all just nerds dressed up in costume!

** here is my Youtube video going over my Faora Cosplay, and explaining what I liked, didn't like, had issues with etc.

lotsa love to ya!

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