Gaming Confessions


This installment is all about gaming. I would consider myself a gamer, but I am by no means a hardcore gamer. I play on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.  I only play for fun. I've played lots of different games but I don't have a specific kind I like best. First person shooters are definitely fun, but I also like role playing games.

Diablo 3

My biggest confession is that I'm terrible at actually finishing games. Ive got a lot of games on my systems that I've played a lot, but haven't finished them. I think the only game I've gone all the way through was Diablo 3, and that was because my hubs was playing and wanted to get through it quickly.

Another confession, I like Minecraft almost as much as my son. I love playing it on creative mode and just building things. I also like playing with Legos, so that could be the reason I enjoy Minecraft so much. The docile music and just sitting back and building is strangely relaxing and soothing.

mortal kombat x

I can't seem to let go of Mortal Kombat games. Ive got the first three, and I've got Mortal Kombat X, and lately when I play a game, that is what I play. Maybe its the nostalgia that hits me when I play. I think back to my brother and I sitting in the basement in front of our small tv, eating cereal, and him continuously beating me.
lotsa love to ya!

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