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I'm so excited to tell you guys about my new contacts! I searched quite a few places for contacts when I came across spookyeyes.com. I poked around and shortly after I was hooked! I was initially looking for white mesh contacts (for my Raiden cosplay) and those are hard to come by apparently. But they has them at Spooky Eyes, and for a reasonable price.

lenses from www.spookyeyes.com
Initially I was hesitant to purchase contacts from outside the US, as I've has bad experiences with ordering from overseas. But I decided I really wanted them and I went ahead and purchased them. On their website they said for orders shipping to the US, to allow 7-11 business days, but they arrived extremely fast. I've ordered products in the US that took longer to get to me, he he.

Like i said, I wanted these contacts for my Raiden cosplay. The mesh had me a tad bit concerned as Ive never had contacts like that before. Truth be told, the last time I wore contacts was three, maybe four years ago. Wearing contacts again period was intimidating to me no matter what style! Anyways so the contacts arrived in a neat little package with the pair safely inside.

Opening the package up, I couldn't wait to try them on. Below you will see several photos of me wearing them. Several 'normal' photos of me, and then a few with part of my Raiden costume gear on.

I was very happy with my experience with spooky eyes, and I definitely foresee myself using them again in the near future.

** The contacts were purchased by me, and my opinions above are mine and mine alone **
lotsa love to ya!

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