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Lady Deadpool is a character that I've wanted to portray for a while. I'd thought about it a few times
but I actually decided to hunker down and work on her finally. Working on this costume, it took me a minute to figure out where to start. I ended up starting with her mask, because I knew it was not only one of the more important parts of the costume, it was also the more difficult part. After looking at tons of reference pictures and watching basically all the YouTube videos on making a deadpool costume, I decided to go with the face shell method for her mask. For my first time making something like this, I think i did decently.

Next came the bodysuit. I've seen tons of lady deadpool (or normal deadpool) bodysuits that have been screen printed with the pattern, but I don't have the skill for something like that yet. So I opted for sewing since I think that's my strong point. I started with a red bodysuit minus the arms and legs. 

This was the best way to start in my opinion. a solid base. Then I cut out the arms and legs and the black accent pieces for the sides, shoulders and arms. After sewing the arms and legs to the bodysuit, I did a zigzag stitch to attach the black pieces to each corresponding piece.

Then I added the blonde ponytail in the open part in the top of the mask. The hair I used wasn't the best, so that is definitely one of the upgrades I will be making to this costume.

Next I worked on the scabbard, the swords, and the belt. The scabbard was interesting to put together. Lots and lots of hot glue went into keeping that thing together. The swords I actually made by doing origami. It was fun, but time consuming.

The leg straps and gun holsters were interesting. Having large thighs and trying to have leg straps can be a battle. Velcro was not a wise choice. They will be upgraded between now and the next Con I go to (next month).

My red gloves for Bombshell Batwoman worked perfect for this! I was extremely glad for that, because I hate (i repeat, I HATE) making gloves.

After adding the leg straps, holsters, belt, pouches and guns, I actually started to look like Lady Deadpool. 

Deadpool selfie with my kiddo!

We met this really nice, funny deadpool at MASSive Comic Con! His costume was definitely inspiring for changes I want to make. 

A few things about my costume that I need to change:

  • My mask- after meeting the other Deadpool, I secretly was analyzing how his mask was made. I got a good idea of how to improve my own mask and honestly started making changes today. After seeing the photos of my mask and the silhouette of the shell underneath, I've come up with a few ways to improve it!
  • Corset-  in all of the selfies I took at home, I was wearing a corset. But when I went to the con, I didn't. That was something I noticed in my pictures. I don't think I look bad at all, but I didn't have that tight look that I wanted. It's alright though, because not only have I started a gym routine and working on eating habits, I will remember my corset in the future.
  • Leg Straps- Velcro and big thighs don't mix well. I need to attach parachute snaps instead of using Velcro.  That way they will not only be secure, I wont have to worry about my thighs rubbing together and the Velcro getting caught in that mix. I also probably need to tighten them a bit more.
  • Pouches- mostly the pouch I was using to carry my phone, it was huge. I need to figure something better out because it was a bit of a hindrance. I think instead of it being vertical I will redo it so that it is horizontal and make it smaller. The rest of the pouches I was mostly okay with. But I do need to change how they are threaded through my belt.
  • Ponytail-I need to get a better quality of hair for the ponytail because the ratty one I was using kept shedding and getting stuck on any and everything. A better ponytail in a different shade of blonde I think will look a lot better
I loved making Lady Deadpool, this is definitely my favorite costume that I've made. I'm planning on keeping Lady Deadpool as my main costume, and using other ones as secondary ones. Like I said I will be making continuous upgrades between now and my next Con next month, so I will have some new photos to share after then.

Costume Notes:

The red and black parts of the bodysuit were made using 4-way stretch spandex i purchased from Joann. The black parts were attached by stitching using clear thread. The belt and leg straps were created by using Polypropylene webbing. The belt buckle was made by painting a large round polymer clay disc I created. The guns were purchased from a dollar store. The holsters and pouches were hastily put together using craft foam. The pouches were then covered using a tan linen fabric. I created shoe covers using the same 4 way stretch spandex. The ponytail is a Kanekalon braiding hair jumbo braid bundle, and the shell for my mask was a white plastic mask also purchased from Joann.

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lotsa love to ya!

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