MASSive Comic Con

 This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to MASSive Comic Con, held in Worcester Massachusetts. Instead of going both days, however, I went on Sunday with my kiddo. It was a lot of fun. Normally we only stay at cons for an hour or maybe two, but for MASSive, we stayed there most of the day! There were a lot of things to do and a lot of things to see as well!

The New England 501st was there and my son was eager to take a few photos with them. It was really cool seeing all of their costumes. I know that the 501st is very stringent on their costumes being movie accurate and movie quality, so being able to see their craftsmanship up close was great.

Along with the 501st in attendance, they also had lightsaber dueling. We missed the larger kids class, but the instructor did a mini class for the few of us that were late.
Deadpool selfies are the best selfies

The conneticut based Hero Army was in attendance as well. They were doing photo ops but my son didnt really want to take pictures (although I seriously wanted to) he wanted to explore, so we were runnig around a lot. But they all looked great. I love seeing awesome costumes, and every single person in their group looked amazing. They were also very nice. He did end up getting a photo with their Spiderman.

One of their cosplayers was this great Deadpool. He was funny. We took a few pictures, even a selfie with one guy. There was another Kidpool running around too, but we didnt get a picture with him.

My son also got a picture with their spiderman. I think my son was amazed at his web backpack because he kept asking about it. He was very nice.

The New England Brethren of Pirates were there as well, and they were fun. They had a Captain Jack Sparrow who was pretty spot on, and they had this really fun treasure hunt too. We actually almost missed it though. They had a map of the entire facility and we had to go to different booths and stations to get signatures. After collecting all of the signatures we had to bring it back to put our names in a raffle. We got there at the last possible moment. When I say that, I mean they were about to pick a name when ours was dropped in the barrel! They didn't pick our name, but it was still fun running from booth to booth getting signatures.

Jennifer Rose was there also. I follow her on Facebook and I was really excited to get to meet her. Shes sweet.

Although I didn't get to see or do some of the things i wanted to, it was still a lot of fun. For my first convention in Massachusetts, I was definitely impressed. This was a very well organized convention and I can't wait for next year. I am pretty excited about going to MASSive again!

I also have a lot of improvements that I want to make to my Lady Deadpool, as she is going to be my main costume for a while. Did anyone else visit a con this weekend?

lotsa love to ya!

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