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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Covering Your Eyebrows

Covering Your Eyebrows | Evon Von Blog

Covering your eyebrows might not be something that you've thought about doing, but I've got a tutorial for you anyway! My original thought for covering eyebrows was in relation to cosplay. Everything I do seems to come full circle back to cosplay. Not that I mind. There are so many anime, movie, and cartoon characters that have different shape and color eyebrows. While you can try to change the shape of your normal eyebrow, doing so doesn't always turn out right. I started thinking about how you could change the shape of your eyebrows and came across a YouTube video that showed a method of covering the eyebrows and drawing them back on. I thought that was completely genius. There's no way I will pluck my brows thin again, and I will never shave them off. Covering them is a much better alternative. You can change the way they look without the full commitment of doing something drastic.When it comes down to actually covering brows, I've come across several different methods on doing so, but I've decided the better option for me is using a glue stick.

lotsa love to ya!

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