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There are a lot of things that I love about this week and the first two are both from Sunday's convention! I am most proud of my Lady Deadpool Cosplay that I wore to MASSive Comic Con. It truly is my favorite costume that I've created thus far. I have already started upgrading thing with this costume, starting with the mask. 

With Summer upon us, I always get excited for different summer desserts. Whats better than a cherry pie? An individual Cherry Crisp! This individual cherry crisp recipe from Walmart not only looks delicious, but it seems pretty simple to make. Possible dessert for the fourth of July maybe? doesn't it look yummy?

On the subject of edibles, this Jello Sherbet Ice cream from looks ridiculously pretty. Almost too pretty to eat...almost! I will definitely be trying this out over the weekends coming up. I cant seem to make good ice cream, so maybe I'll have more success with Sherbet?

I love paper crafting and these tissue paper flowers from are adorable! They are perfect for summer (or spring) birthdays, girls time, or baby showers! Or even just to brighten up a room in your house!

I have no idea who this woman is, but I LOVE her hair. We're into a new season, and that means contemplating what to do with my hair. I found a Short Hairstyles tumblr page and now I'm seriously considering straightening my hair. Someone HELP!

These are just a few of my favorite things from this week. Did you come across anything awesome, something cool or funny? What are some of your favorite things from the week?

lotsa love to ya!

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