Lady Deadpool at Boston Comiccon

Boston Comiccon was this past weekend and I was so excited to go on Saturday afternoon. There was so much going on, I didn't get to see a lot of it. But the highlight of my visit was definitely having photos done. I've wanted professional photos of my costumes for a long time and finally I was able to get that! I was even more so excited that they were of my favorite cosplay, Lady Deadpool. I linked up with Colin from World Eater Photography for a shoot and I loved literally every image he took! 

A few costume notes: Every part of this costume was made by me!

  • Katanas- these were made by using origami. No joke! I folded each blade, the tsuba, and the handles by hand, then glued them together. You can actually see the seam on the blade (which I need to cover that) from each sheet of paper. I glued them using hot glue, and then painted the blades a dull silver, and the tsuba black. For the handles, I wrapped them in electrical tape.
  • sword holster-this I made using pieces of a cardboard box and one of my kids old backpacks. I measured an 'X' and glued the pieces to a round base (that I again hot glued) that I attached to the back of the backpack. I removed the outer part of backpack, and left the part that touches your actual back. Then I cut out a round piece to cover the 'X'. When I slide each katana into the x, they stay put!
  • Mask- This was a bit of a challenge for me. I researched lots of different methods to making a mask and decided at first that I wanted to make a face shell. I started that out with using a mask from Michaels cutting the eye holes a little bigger, and then painting it black. For the red fabric on the outside, I used a foam head (I altered it so that its measurements match my own head)and then stitching it together. Then I placed the face shell underneath the fabric and cut out the eye shape I thought was good. I wore the mask to MASSive Comiccon this way, and after wards decided to change the way the mask looks. I ended up removing the face shell, cutting out each eye panel and hot gluing them individually on the outside. Not only did this give me the look that was correct, it was more breathable and comfortable.
  • Boot covers- These were by far the easiest. I've made many a boot cover, so I had no challenge measuring the side of my leg (i only measured mid calf), stitching the front and back seams, and then hot gluing them to an old pair of flats. This was the quickest part of the entire costume to be honest.
  • Gun holsters- For these, I used 5mm eva foam. I used polypropylene webbing as the straps and buckles to snap on and off. The first shape I created wasn't that great, so I redid them and they turned out MUCH better. I created straps to go around my thighs (2 straps on the remade ones) and a strap to attach to the belt. This way they would stay up! I ended up buying 2 guns from the dollar store and painting them black. Sometimes you gotta go simple. Especially when you're on a time crunch!
  • Belt- Maybe I lied before, this was the easiest part of the costume. I measured around my waist and then took of 2 inches (wearing the corset takes of several more inches, but I wanted to have it firm), and attached a buckle. For the deadpool symbol belt buckle itself, I used polymer clay to create the shape. After I baked it, I painted it, and hot glued it on (boy, I love hot glue). 
  • Bodysuit- By FAR this was the most complicated thing I've ever made. I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into the bodysuit, and overall I still love it. There are a few things I need to repair but I still think i did a bang up job! I started out making a red leotard.This wasn't too difficult, I got all of my measurements, cut out the shape and sewed it together using a basting stitch. Then I created the arms and attached them. Up to this point it was pretty straight forward and non complicated. When I got to the legs, this was a bit difficult. Because I have big thighs, cutting out the leg pieces proved difficult. For my Baroness bodysuit, the thighs are a bit tight. I didn't want this one to be that way so I made them slightly bigger. Although its spandex and has a lot of stretch to it, I needed a bit more. The issue I ran into, was the added space for the legs and the leg holes of the leotard didn't match up due to size differences. I adjusted them while pinning them about 10 times and I finally got them lined up and again sewed them together using a basting stitch. After I got the entire red bodysuit together, I t was time to work on the black overlaying pieces. I layed out the pieces over the bodysuit, marked everything, cut them out, and pinned them to the red parts they corresponded to. Then I ripped the seams on the basting stitches, and RE sewed the pieces together with the black parts attached. Lining these pieces up not only over the red, but making them symmetrical was a pain. A PAIN I SAY! This is where the tears part of 'blood, sweat and tears' came in. After a lot of trial and error, taking a week break and angry seam ripping, I finally got the pieces symmetrical, sewed on, and looking like the real thing. For the pieces that were not on edges, I sewed over them using clear thread with a zigzag stitch.
There are still adjustments that I need to make, but I am still in love with my Lady Deadpool costume, and the photos I had taken absolutely blew me away. 

lotsa love to ya!

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