Makeup Tips To Protect Your Eyes, Ladies


Makeup can be a girl’s best friend, but if it isn’t used properly, her best friend can quickly become her worst enemy!

Though products like eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and cove-up can make can conceal under-eye circles and make the eyes pop, they also have the potential to do some serious damage. Putting any foreign object that close to your eyes – especially one that contains chemicals – can be harmful.

Damage Caused by Eye Makeup

There are several ways that makeup can harm your eyes. Most notably, products like mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and any other cosmetic you use on or around your eyes has the potential to cause:
·         Bacterial infections
·         Allergic reactions
·         Dry eyes
·         Loss of eyelashes
Why can these issues occur? There are a number of reasons. For example, some makeup products contain toxic heavy metals, like arsenic, beryllium, lead, selenium and thallium. Many people are allergic to these ingredients; not to mention the fact that they are extremely harsh.
How to Avoid Eye Problems Caused by Makeup


Fortunately, you don’t have to stop using makeup altogether to avoid developing eye problems. There are ways that you can easily avoid the aforementioned issues.

Keep it Fresh

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your cosmetics every three months. The older the products are and the more often they are used, the greater the change bacteria will grow within them.

To help make keeping track of the age of your eye makeup easier, keep a time log. Download a calendar app on your phone and pull it up every time you purchase a new eye makeup product. Log the product you purchased and on what date in your calendar app and set an alarm for three months from the date of purchase. When the alarm goes off, it’s time to dump your eye makeup and stock up on new.

Never Share

Never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances, should you share your eye makeup with anyone else. This is a case when sharing definitely is not caring.

Sharing mascara with someone else, for example, not only increases your risk for being exposed to someone else’s bacteria, but it also puts the other person at risk for being exposed to your bacteria. YUCK!

Wash Your Hands

Before applying makeup to your eyes, always wash your hands.
Just like bacteria from your hands can transfer to food when you prepare and/or eat it, the same can happen when you apply eye makeup. When your eyes are exposed to bacteria on your hands, you could end up with a pretty nasty eye infection.

Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap before applying makeup to prevent the transfer of bacteria to your eyes.

Replace Makeup After an Infection

If you come down with a case of pink eye, for example, and you used your eye makeup the day before the on-set of the infection, make sure you toss out the makeup you are currently using.
There is a chance that your current makeup could have caused your infection, and there is also a chance that your infection has contaminated your makeup, which can cause re-infection.

Your eyes aren’t only a beautiful feature, but they are also extremely important. Using makeup inappropriately can cause serious problems for your eyes. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to your eye makeup and you can keep your peepers looking beautiful – and keep your vision sharp.

This article was a guest post written by Mark Kirkpatrick. 
Mark Kirkpatrick is a blogger and tech enthusiast in Los Angeles, California. He has found that productivity starts with healthy habits and hopes to help others achieve their goals through positive reinforcement.

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