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With summer in full swing, one thing that's common around this time of year is the party. Specifically, summer parties. But what makes the perfect summer party? I've got my top three entertaining necessities for the ultimate summer party!

1. Music. This is probably the most important aspect of a great party in my opinion. You have to have the right mood music! Personally my playlist has to be filled with 90's music. Montel Jordan's 'this is how we do it', Will Smith's 'Summertime', Mariah Carey's 'dream lover', Coolio's 'fantastic voyage', and spice girls 'wannabe' are just a few songs that remind me of the summer. There's just a certain energy that 90's music has that you can't find with other time periods.

2. A great summer party has to have at least one festive decoration. Festive doesn't mean complicated, it can be something as simple as freshly cut flowers in the center of the table. For an easy going summer party, I like to have the food displayed as self serve buffet style. This keeps things laid back, non formal and allows people to pick and choose what they want, when they want. A small bouquet of multicolored flowers adds a wonderful pop of color to your display.

3. Food is essential, but prior to the main food items, snacks are undoubtedly important. The perfect snack for hosting a summer party is light, low preparation and delicious. Chobani Meze Dip makes the perfect summer party snack. Its light and creamy, and truly yummy. This dip is made of real vegetables, natural ingredients, and Greek yogurt. Who doesn't like a great dip at a party? You can pair this dip with plain chips, tortilla chips, even pita chips and it will be equally as delicious.

Hosting a summer party is a fun way to celebrate the summer season with the people you love. You are able to gather in a low key environment and spend time together. Have you hosted a summer party this season so far? Tell me about your experience!

lotsa love to ya!

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