Cosmetic Confessions

cosmetic confessions

I love me some makeup, let me just say. But having said that, I admit that there are a lot of things about makeup that either don't do, don't like, or just plain have no clue.

Concealer | Evon Von Blog
1) Color correcting whaaa?? Okay so I do know what color correcting is, and I do understand how its supposed to work. I have tried (and failed miserably) to color correct. I have areas of hyper-pigmentation underneath my eyes as well as the space between my upper lip and under my nose. I also have a dark spot here or there from previous scars. I thankfully don't get acne much (if ever) so my only concern with color correcting is canceling out my dark spots. I searched YouTube and Instagram and found tons of videos on color correcting. Initially I thought it would be easy. But then again makeup artists make everything look easy. Although my results didn't turn out how I imagined, I do have to say that there was a vast improvement! My darker areas were still visible, however not as immediately visible. So hooray for improvement!The Pro Concealer in orange really helped even things out a bit.

False Eyelashes | Evon Von Blog

2) I do not like false lashes. Let me clarify, I do not like to wear false eyelashes. I think they are beautiful when worn. Applying lashes is nothing short of a heavy task. I guess I should say that the biggest thing I don't like is trying to apply lashes. Makeup artists again make this seem all too easy.

3) I forget to do my eyebrows. A LOT. I have a like/hate relationship with my eyebrows. I often feel as if I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to them. I don't like them bushy, so I attempt to maintain them. Plucking is my go to, I've never had my eyebrows waxed or threaded. Honestly, I'm not sure that I'd even want to try it. When I do remember to groom my brows, I do it very sparingly. I'm in between growing them so lately my brows have been looking like a hot mess.

4) Contouring is not that easy. I get the highlighting part, But I don't think I'm doing it entirely right. Although I do use a lighter color to highlight, when it comes to the darker shades for cheekbones and my nose, I can't seem to get it right. When I'm done, my face doesn't have dimension like it should. This is the main reason I will just go without wearing makeup. At least my natural face doesn't look flat.

5) I can't get my makeup to stay. I set my foundation with powder, and at the end of my routine I spray a setting spray, but it doesn't seem to work very well. My makeup comes off super easy and I get really frustrated by this. The powder I use is some covergirl powder, and the spray is ELF. I wonder if the quality of products I use is the reason? I know I should try different brands, but I'd hate to get rid of something that isn't completely used up yet. I've been telling myself that I will wait until this setting spray is empty and then try a better brand, but with all of my failed attempts at setting I may just break down and try something else.

With all of the issues I have listed, I'm definitely trying to improve. I know that it will take multiple attempts before I get it right, and I am most certainly working my hardest to get better. Are there any suggestions you can make that would help me to improve? Leave me a comment with your tips!

lotsa love to ya!

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