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In life, one thing I know for sure is you never stop learning. Well, the opportunity for learning is always there. This pertains to literally everything we do. I want to talk about learning with Cosplay. The only example I want to use, is with my Lady Deadpool costume. This is truly my prized costume. I've worn it to 3 conventions and it holds up just fine. There's only one problem. Well there were two problems with this costume. The pouches and the mask. Between the three conventions I worn this costume to, I made very obvious changes.

with changing two pieces, my costume improved tremendously. 

These photos were taken by Colin at World Eater Photography

The mask was something that I knew I wanted to change after I wore it the first time. The shape it gave was was not flattering nor was it accurate to the character. After thinking about it a while, I came up with a better look for it, and I am very happy with the appearance now. The shape mimic's Lady Deadpool almost perfectly in my opinion. Originally the mask had an inner shell connecting the eyes. I thought it would look alright but I hadn't considered the shape of the mask or the eyeholes. I was proud of the work I did because it was a bit difficult to come up with, but it definitely needed work. So after the first Con I went to I started thinking of how to improve it. I decided to take out the inner face shell and cut out the eye pieces individually. This is where having an accurate head model comes in extremely handy. On my mannequin head (altered to measure my head dimensions and size) I put the red mask, and placed the black eye pieces over it. Then I hot glued them in place. After the glue dried and I tried it on, I fell in love. This was finally it, accuracy!! I could have bought a mask, but I wanted to make it myself. 

The pouches were also a big issue for me. Mainly the large pouch incorporated for each time I wore my costume. You see, I have a Samsung phone and the phone I have is huge. I wanted to be able to carry my gigantic phone with me and not worry about having to hold it the entire time. I made a pouch that was large enough to carry not only my phone, but also my keys, ID's and cash. The first large pouch I made was vertical and bending and kneeling was a huge pain. So I redid it and made it horizontally. This was so much better, more comfortable and it was easier to get to all my stuff. It's still pretty huge due to my huge phone, but this was fits so much better with my costume.

lotsa love to ya!

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