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Con season is officially over for me (not to say that I went to very many Cons, but i did go to a few!) and I'm already looking to the future. I'm working on a list of cosplays for the 2017 Con season! I wanted to share my list with you guys and see what you think. Just like my list for 2016, this new list isn't going to be long.

1) Lady Loki-This one might be the most complicated of my list so I might save this for last. I have the Pepakura file for the helmet. The hardest part is going to be the detailed work on the body and the cape.
Nerdy Curve Blog | Lady Loki

2) Casey Jones- I'm pretty excited about this one, Bringing back memories from when I was a kid watching TMNT with my brother!
Nerdy Curve Blog | Casey Jones

3) Raven (Teen Titans)- I really like Raven's character, and I haven't watched Teen Titans in forever, but I really want to do this costume!
Nerdy Curve Blog | Teen Titans Raven

4) Lobo- I like Lobo and despite not knowing much about him, I really want to learn more and then make his costume. But I will be doing a female version of him (of course). Just for fun, I decided to do Lobo makeup the other night and the result was absolutely hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at myself. Look at this picture and tell me it isn't funny:
Nerdy Curve Blog | Lobo Makeup

lotsa love to ya!

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