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One of the things I want to do more of, is video. Making YouTube videos is half, but live streaming is the other. Well this Christmas weekend I did my first live stream! I have to admit I was super nervous about the whole thing. I like to play video games, but I admittingly suck at them. Part of my apprehension was from that, and then other was being on camera live. It's nerve wrecking! I have had the Periscope app for over a year but I've never done a live broadcast! Something about it just made me so uncontrollably nervous, I chickened out.

Xbox One has the game Outlast free with their Games with Gold, so I downloaded it. I live streamed me playing for a little bit. For those who do not know, Outlast is a horror escape type game. The main character is an investigative journalist and he sneaks inside an asylum. When it started he was supposed to document everything. But that changes when he sees monsters and dead bodies around. Then it becomes a mission to escape the asylum. So not only was I nervous about live streaming a game, I was playing something that I knew I would be scared playing. That probably wasn't that smart, was it? I was alright at the beginning of the game but I definitely got more freaked out the farther into the game I got. I'm not good at games that require you to be stealthy and this game included sneaking and hiding, oh and it was also pitch black. The main character has to use his video camera's night vision in order to see while the power is out.  I know I didn't get that far, and once I died, I stopped my stream. But it was exciting while it lasted! I actually had two people watching me play! I plan on streaming more often, at least once a week (on the weekend most likely). I'm actually planning on streaming later today, but I'm not sure which game yet. I'm figuring out my schedule and I will definitely be back and let you guys know what I schedule. If you're on Twitch, be sure to find me so you can be up to date anytime I decide to stream!

lotsa love to ya!

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