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Okay, where do I start with this Suicide Squad review? I know some people loved it and some people hated it. For the first time in a while I am a bit in the middle. Normally I've got a definitive side on movies but this one I can't seem to choose. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. There were a lot of things I did like, but others that irritated me. So instead of this being like other reviews I'm taking my time with this, and I'm going to start with each character.

**** Let me also preface this by saying I watched the Suicide Squad animated movie that came out over a year before this movie ****

Starting with the character Slipknot, AKA Mr. non-essential character. They didn't really go into this character at all. His time in the movie goes from, "This is Slipknot," to "Boom you're dead," in what seems like a matter of seconds. But I guess when you try to squeeze so many characters in, and try to go into their back stories, you have to pick and choose who is important enough. I actually had to look this character up because I didn't really know anything about him. I wish they had put a little bit more into his presence, that way when he died, I would have at least felt bad that he died. He wasn't there long enough for me to care, honestly.

Let's talk about Captain Boomerang next. I like how they portrayed him and I think that Jai Courtney did an amazing job. He was more or less comedic relief in all honesty, but at least they didn't make him super lame. The animated Suicide Squad movie had Captain Boomerang in a blue outfit that I thought was pretty dorky. His costume upgrade to a real, practical outfit is much, much better and the fact that his shirt says 'Captain' on it is cute.

Harley Quinn....this was one of the characters I couldn't wait to see. When the first images of her look came out, I was annoyed. I was annoyed that she's wearing booty shorts, fishnets, boots and a t shirt. She seemed to be dressed so skimpy, I was afraid they were going to dummy down her character into just something nice to look at. I assumed that she would be there just for looks and they wouldn't give her much of a speaking role. I'm glad that I was wrong about that. They showed her crazy a little. Not to the full extent, because she is One thing that I absolutely LOVED was the visual tribute to Harley's classic costume.  That really made me happy. 

This version of the Joker I wasn't sure about. I mean visually, I like the approach they took with him. They basically had no choice to though. There's no way they could attempt anything in the realm that was Heath Leger's Joker. So for all intensive purposes, his aesthetic look I was kinda digging. As far as his personality, that's not something you could judge based solely on previews. Lets start with his voice. I didn't care for it AT ALL. It sounded like someone impersonating Heath Leger's joker at times. I don't feel like it fit well with the way he looked. I thought, still, I could get past that if his personality was fitting. No. Nope. Not at all. The first word that comes to mind when thinking about this Jokers personality: overcompensating. His personality felt forced to me, like he was trying too hard. He was trying too hard to be 'the joker', but still wasn't measuring up. In my eyes, the joker is fucking crazy, intimidating, slightly vicious and powerful. I didn't get that from him. Yes, he drove a Lamborghini, and?  The first scene with him and Harley in the club...that whole scene was full of confusion to me. Does Joker own that club or was he just a VIP there? When Commons character calls Harley a 'Bad Bitch" you can see his eyes go a little off. I was hoping for a grandiose scene where Joker and Harley teach him some manners. Nope, he called her in, watched her and Common interact with a super creepy face, then homeboy got freaked out (not sure what about however) and said "Nah that's your girl" and that was it. End scene. I was so let down. Especially for a character like Joker, one that had been played multiple times, and done WELL multiple times. He should have debuted with a bang.

His interaction with Harley also was lackluster. At least the basic story of the two of them was correct in that she was Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Joker was her patient at Arkham. She fell in love with him yes. They are complicated, but Suicide Squad doesn't show that. They show how she loves him and he loves her and he even went as far as to break her out of prison. But they don't show how he is often mean to her, she pissed him off and is annoyed by her. I understand they couldn't develop their story like it needed to be done. If there were to be a solo movie about Joker and Harley, I would definitely expect better character development and cultivating the true nature of their relationship.

Katana was a pretty cool character. She was quiet, but she was about her business. She didn't mess around and I loved that. I wish there was a bit of her back story though. They did say that her husband was killed with that sword and that his soul is trapped inside it, but I'm curious why he was killed with it. Did she take an oath to avenge her husband and how is she going to do that? The sword traps the souls of everyone that it kills, what is the significance of the sword? Who made it, why did they make it, how did her husband (and in turn, she) end up wielding it? I need to look up Katana because I am probably most interested in her character after watching this movie.

I wasn't sure about Killer Croc in this movie. Before seeing him in any previews, I was curious about how he would look. I'm glad they didn't make him look stupid or gimmicky. He was scary looking in the right way. If there ever was a crocodile man, I'd envision the costume design they used. It looked as realistic as I think it could, they did a great job. He didn't speak much though, which I wish he would have. But when he did speak, it was interesting. Very short when talking but I guess that's to be expected because the only talking hes used to is from the guards at prison. I did crack up at his request to have BET at the end though

El Diablo was a character I hadn't really given much thought to. His ability to cast fire sounded cool, but through the first parts of the movie he wasn't helping. Much like his fellow Suicide Squad companions, I got frustrated. I wondered what kind of ability he really had and if he could live up to what the expectation was. When Deadshot egged him on and pissed him off, I was pretty shocked to see how much fire he expended. But that was trivial when it comes closer to the end and he takes his 'final form' (not the right terminology but I have no regrets, ha ha!) and becomes a towering blazing god, or El Diablo himself.

The one who said, "Fuck this". When introducing Enchantress, I feel like they skimmed over her story. Her character is waaaaaaaay more powerful than they go over. I thought it was hysterical when she jetted on them. I know they thought they had good leverage by keeping her heart under lock and key, but they didn't seem to have any kind of contingency plan for her. And can someone tell me why they didn't mention the fact that there was a case holding her brothers remains? They went as far as to take the container with her brothers ashes, but they didn't safeguard it, it was just chilling on the counter. She found it, took it and brought him back. THEN proceeded to cast a mega spell and make some sort of machine to destroy humans and our technology.

It seemed like they all relied HEAVILY on Will Smith's character Deadshot. The other characters did have speaking parts, but none of them spoke nearly as much as Deadshot. I liked deadshot, and I think Will Smith did a great job as him.

So the basic plot of the story, is taking the 'worst of the worst' criminals, making a team and having them do missions together. In the movie, their very first mission as a team is when Enchantress and her brother decide to DESTROY HUMAN TECHNOLOGY. What a terrible first mission! They were given a cover story for their mission but then learn the truth and are understandably angry.  Rick Flag told them the truth about Enchantress  (dwelling inside of the woman he loves, Dr. June Moon) and his quest to save her. They were all ready to give up but decided to help him at the last minute. So their journey continued. After the showdown with Enchantress' brother and then her, Harley Quinn was able to cut out her heart and give it to Rick Flag. That would stop her from being able to continue her spell. He wanted his woman back but she refused so he destroyed her heart which in turn destroyed Enchantress. He thought his woman died but no, of course not. Dr. Moon lived and he saved her, yay! As for the members of the Suicide Squad? They were given whatever they requested before evendors starting the mission (all but captain boomerang who arrived in a knapsack and didn't get to ask for anything) ha. Harley got her Esspresso machine, dead shot got time with his daughter, killer crock even got his BET down in the sewer.

This movie was okay, I had much higher hoped for it die to the fact that it had Harley Quinn and Joker in it. It wasn't awful, but it definitely could have been better. Much better. But the soundtrack to this movie is amazing, so that is a bonus. I know I'm late to the game with this movie, but what did you think of Suicide Squad?

lotsa love to ya!

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