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It's that time again, 2016 is behind us and its time to make goals for this new year. I took extra time with this this year. I was going to do this yesterday but instead i spent my first two days of the new year just in the moment enjoying them. I did however give a lot of thought to what I want to accomplish both personally and otherwise. After mulling it over for a while, I strongly feel that the goals that will be set this year are not only attainable, they will help me develop as a person and a business owner. My list is going to be broken down into two categories below, the first being personal goals followed by alternative. The alternative goals will apply to my blog and all things social media. Because I fell short on my goals last year, they have been recycled into my list for this year.


1) Be more confident- This was actually one of my goals from last year. I put it down again because although I do feel that I made progress, it wasn't quite enough. I still need to work on my confidence level.

2) Get organized- Organization is going to be the most difficult thing for me. I am a messy person. I prefer to call myself organized chaos. It's not a good thing, and I have tried to better organize myself several times before, but it doesn't last. I either try to do too much and overwhelm myself, or I start off great and fizzle off. Door number two is the most common. I have enlisted the help of notebooks! I am planning on using a few different notebooks to help me keep things together, this will be things such as cleaning, laundry, storage, shopping aids. First obstacle to get to? my cosplay storage box...it's a nightmare.

3) Working out- I know that this is a common goal for the new year, but I was working on my weight consistently for a while. I was getting up at 4:30 every morning and going to the gym before work. I did that consistently for a month and a half, lost 15 pounds, then couldn't get up in the morning anymore. After about a month I got my wind back I guess you could say, because I was back on it. about a month ago, I somehow hurt my lower back. I'm not even sure if it was from the gym either. I haven't been to the gym in a month due to letting my back injury heal. I almost went this morning, but was advised to give it maybe one more week. So I will be getting back to the gym within the next week and hope to get back on my weight loss track and keep it up throughout the year.

4) Maximum effort- I can get super lazy. I mean to the point where I will roll out of bed with hardly any time left, whip myself into shape super fast, and then start the day. That's no way to begin a work day. I am making a goal for myself to put in more effort. To look as close to perfect as I can, or at least look extremely well put together. That means everything from choosing better style options to wearing makeup


1) Scheduling regularly- I am working out a consistent schedule for my blog, YouTube Channel and my Twitch Channel during the week. My blog and Twitch do take priority over my YouTube channel, but I do still have a goal specifically for YouTube that I'll go over later. For my blog and Twitch channel, I want to have regularly scheduled posting. My blog posts will be scheduled for the week days as well as the weekends and I think that three to four posts per week should be doable if I remain consistent. Twitch, however, is something that I am planning on scheduling for weekends and holidays. Live streaming is a lot of fun, and I love that my family wants to live stream with me, But I would love to live stream by myself. For the time being, I've got my twitch stream schedule set as Fridays @ 9:30pm for gaming, Saturdays @ 9:30 for crafting (creative), and Sundays TBD. This is definitely going to get adjusted as time goes by.

2) Network more- I love networking, but I haven't really been able to do much of that in person lately. I've found out about several awesome resources in my neighboring city and I cannot wait to get out and network with other people in person again. There are two networking events I'd like to go to this month actually. One is with small business owners, but the other also includes bloggers and other creative types. That is the one I am most psyched to go to! I hope that I can make several great local connections.

3) Cosplay game strong- I am proud of myself for constantly growing in my craft. I plan on keeping that growth throughout the year. I made a post outlining my 2017 cosplay goal list, and I am trying hard not to deviate from it. But I have already seen a few different characters I have had to tear myself away from. I want to complete my list before taking on any additional characters, but the ones I do end up adding, I want there to be skills I can learn, techniques I can learn with their production.

4) Videos- So I said above that I wanted to make a goal that was strictly YouTube. Last year one of my goals was to make more videos. I did in fact make more videos, but not at all on the scale that I wanted. I am definitely recycling this goal for this year because I do think it's going to work out better. Since launching my Twitch page, I have started to become more comfortable with being on camera. And it's live, so I've really been able to figure out ways to relax, do what I need to do, and enjoy myself while being filmed. Those videos I can also upload directly to YouTube which has already helped me to boost my number of videos. Aside from that, I do still plan on creating more videos to use in conjunction with my blog. I actually want to try doing a cooking segment on video in addition to writing a recipe here. That is something I've gone over in my head and it's going to happen this month! 

I don't think these are too hefty that I can't accomplish them, I just have to stay focused and determined and every day push forward. Here's to a brand new year. A new start, a new chance to make things happen. Let's all work our hardest and crush it! What goals are you setting for yourself??

lotsa love to ya!

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