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As a cosplayer, I believe it might be universal to keep an ever growing list of cosplay goals. Before Convention season we all make our lists for the characters we would like to create. Things are steady for a while until you come across a game, a movie, or a cartoon. Inspiration is basically thrust upon you and your world is shaken. Okay that might be a tad extreme, but I'm sure anyone who loves to cosplay understands exactly what I mean. You start off with a list, maybe a top five or ten for the year. You discover a character you begin to fall in love with or even obsess over. Now its time to prioritize. Is your list complete? Do you add the new character to the end? Or do you swap characters out. Anyway Con season is finally starting for me so that's the boat I'm in right now. I'm sure we all know by now how much I love cosplay. It is literally my favorite thing. Having said that, there are some things that I get annoyed with.

I love sewing. But certain projects really get on my nerves. While sewing my Baroness costume the arms went in well, the bodice was good, but the legs gave me the biggest hassle. Never did I think sewing on legs would be such a pain. Especially after attaching the arms with no problems at all. Seam ripping can really get a person down, and I did a LOT of seam ripping on that thing. I certainly wanted to give up on it a few times, but I'm glad I didn't, it turned out so much better with adjustments.

I have a love/hate relationship with EVA foam. There are so many things you can do with it, but I always seem to screw something up.i have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I have noticed progress. A lot of the things I messed up on in the beginning have been resolved but there are other screw ups. New screw ups. So this has been interesting. A lot of costumes I like have armor and props that require foam or worbla  (which I have never tried before). I don't want to limit myself based on my lack of ability. But I will continue to press forward and keep learning about using it. Hopefully soon I will have made lots of progress. One can only hope, right?!

I hate weathering. I can never seem to get it right. No matter how many tutorials I read, regardless of how many videos I watch, I can't seem to get it right. This is infuriating! I want my shiny armor pieces to look right and realistic but how can I do that if it doesn't look weathered? I've tried many different techniques so I've got to keep practicing if I'm going to improve. Taking scrap pieces and practicing on those sounds good, right? This goes hand in hand with the above mentioned EVA foam. One day I'll be proficient so until then I've got to keep working.

There are definitely more things that frustrate me, but like I said, I don't want these confessions posts to get too deep. What are some things that frustrate you about cosplay?
lotsa love to ya!

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