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**this was meant to publish Friday. For some unforeseen reason it did not publish on the correct day, and I do apologize**

Its Friday again, and that means another installment of Fun Friday Favs nerd/geek/cosplay edition! It's also the first Friday of the new year (I still can't believe its 2017). Have you set any goals for the new year?

1. Naruto Cosplay. Not Naruto himself, but Kakashi and Zabuza cosplays. When Naruto first came on (some time in the 90's) I was in love with Kakashi. I honestly don't quite remember what it was I liked about him. Maybe it was his voice? I can't place it. After my son finished Pokemon, I suggested Naruto because it was on Netflix. When we watched it, I was reminded about the crush I had on Kakashi, and found myself pretty amused. Then I remembered I also had a crush on Zabuza. In his case, I believe it was because he was a bad guy. You always crush on the bad guys, right?

There are quite a few cosplayers out there that are doing so much justice to these characters, it's hard to really choose one person, but I found Suki Cosplay over at Deviant Art and I have to say that this is one of my top Kakashi cosplayers. Another thing I can't get enough of, are variants. I know some people like to stick to Cannon, but I love

And this Zabuza Cosplay done by knockkukocmyk is fantastic.

2. Bullet Journaling- This has been a really fun thing for me so far. When I first heard about Bullet Journaling, I didnt quite get it. When I think about journaling, I think about blogging. Writing. Sentances, not shorthand. The concept went completely over my head. Once I looked into it a bit more, I started to really enjoy it. I've been bullet journaling for my blog and social media (along with my calendar) and it's really made it not only helpful, but its a lot of fun doodling. I'm the worst at any form of drawing or illustration, so this is also giving me more practice and helping me to improve! I've posted several of my attempts over on Instagram:

I really love this method of note taking, I have a special notebook that I use just for this purpose. Occasionally I will post something on Instagram, and I hope the next time I do, I notice improvement, hehe.

3. Con Season- Con season is almost here, I can hardly wait! I've made a list, checked it twice (maybe 3 times) and I've marked my calendar for every Convention I want to go to this year. My list is pretty hefty and I know I won't be able to go to every convention on my list. That's okay, as long as I can make it to at least five at the BARE minimum. My list actually has 19. Id like to go to at least half of the cons on my list, but that remains to be seen.

The first con on my list is Arisia which is January 13-16th. If I go (which I am seriously hoping i can) it will be there on Sunday. Last year my son went with me to all the Cons I attended, This year he might also come, but I do foresee myself going solo to a few, which I am okay with.

4. New materials- I've been experimenting with new materials when it comes to cosplay and I'm really excited about them. The main one is InstaMorph. Thermoplastic beads that are moldable. I won't be going into too much detail about it, as there will be an entire post dedicated to this awesome product including a video. But lets say that it is extremely handy!

I made the tops and bottoms of these syringes using InstaMorph (not the clear cylinders)

Short list this week I know, and I do apologize for being a day late, but F3 will resume with a vengeance next Friday!

lotsa love to ya!

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