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No. I'm not referring to Thor here, I'm talking about Raiden, from Mortal Kombat. Like most people my age, I remember when the first Mortal Kombat game came out. Parents were all up in arms about the violence in the game. Meanwhile, us kids were spending hours upon hours zoned out in front of the TV playing the game. While Scorpion and SubZero have always been the most popular Characters, Raiden was pretty popular too! He was my second favorite, right behind Scorpion. When thinking about who to Cosplay, I knew that Raiden was one character I HAD to cosplay him.  Whenever I decide to do a costume, I have to sketch it out first. I figured out what parts I needed to make for the costume and went shopping! 

The costume itself was important, but I also wanted to recreate his lightning. It took me a while to figure out how to do that, but eventually I found a way. I discovered Electro Luminescent lights while searching through LED videos on YouTube.. These are an alternative for LED's. Instead of dots of light on a strip, they are a strand of continuous light. I ordered some online and when they arrived, I tried different combinations on how to get the right effect. The kind I ordered came with four 3 foot strands of lights that were attached to a remote. They have three settings. The first setting is straight continuous lighting. The second and third are blinking, the second being a slow flashing, and the third a bit quicker. Here is a video showing two different parts of my process. The first was the day after receiving the lights when my cosplay wasn't quite done. The second is after I completed things (but I am still figuring out the lights).

This costume was a lot of fun to create. The only part that was a bit difficult was creating the hat. More on this down below under my costume notes, but here is a collage of my process:  

Costume notes:

**Everything was made by me except for the gloves, socks, shoes and tights I am wearing yes, even the hat.**

  • The leotard was made from a white 4 way stretch spandex from Joann's. I created the pattern freehand based on a camisole and swimsuit bottoms.
  •  After sewing that together, I moved on to the blue top, I'm not really sure what to call it. But I used a heavier blue knit fabric and lined it with blue trim both on the outside and inside. I did make a pendant for Raiden but it didn't turn out so well, so I didn't include it. 
  • The hat, as shown above was also made freehand. Getting the base triangle shape was an absolute pain, but after figuring out how to create it, things got much easier. The base is made from 5mm craft foam. The basket weave over top was created by literally basket weaving 2mm craft foam and gluing it down as I went along. After it was glued, I put a base layer of elmers glue. Once that dried, I began painting the whole thing brown. Several coats were needed in order to get it dark and consistent, but after I sealed it with another layer of glue. The hat is held on by an elastic chin strap I glued on the underside.
  •  The black sash was made using a 2 way jersey knit fabric with snaps on the back to get on and off with ease.
  •  I created the leg and arm guards using 5mm craft foam, coating the outside lining in a gold acrylic paint, and a silver acrylic paint on the inside. I still havent gotten down weathering so the paint job definitely needs more work.
  •  Finally under the hat I created a Baklava. This was fairly easy, since I had previously made a few deadpool masks. I created a basic head and neck shape, cut out two pieces and stitched them together. Then I put it on, marked where to cut they face section. I cut that out, stitched the perimeter and boom, done.

lotsa love to ya!

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