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Storing Your Cosplay Wigs

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Cosplay has been the root of my addiction to many things. Because of Cosplay, I hoard fabric, thread, craft foam and wigs. While foam and sewing supplies are easy to store, wigs are a totally different story. The fact that how your wigs are stored affect their look can be frustrating. There are lots of things to consider what to do with your wig when it is not worn:

  • Wig type- Is your wig human hair or synthetic? I think about 80% of Cosplay wigs are synthetic (save for those that are natural looking). Synthetic wigs seem to tangle a lot faster for me, I'm not quite sure why that is.
  • Wig length- The length of you wig can either make it easy to deal with, or it can be an absolute nightmare. Short wigs are so simple, their chances of tangling are slim. Long wigs, however can tangle and matte so fast it's sad.
The method I use to store my wigs has seemed to work for me. I haven't tried any other ways, so this is just what I do.

First I  either brush through the wig or run my fingers through it. If the wig is short, I usually flip it inside out, place a wig cap over it and then place it in a sandwich bag. I like sandwich bags (zip top ones) because they are not too big, not too small, and can be zipped closed. I put the wig inside the bag, and squeeze as much air out as possible. Like squeeze it until it's flat as a flapjack. Et voila! Your wig is nice and neat in a bag. When you squeeze all of the air out, that keeps the wig from moving around and running against its fibers so much. And that lessens the amount of friction and potential tangling. If the wig is long, you'll follow the same steps, but you'll want to either braid or twist the hair before putting the wig cap on it. By braiding or twisting, that keeps the hairs together and somewhat organized while it isn't worn.

There are some wigs that you just can't pack away. Anything like this (example: something spikey) you would have to display or keep on a wig head in order to preserve its shape. Unless you just want to give yourself extra work the next time you need it (but I'm pretty sure you'd like to save yourself as much work as possible, right?).

This is what works for me when dealing with my cosplay wigs. Do you store yours in a different way? I'd love to hear what you do, and I'd be interested in trying out another method! 

lotsa love to ya!

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