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I love discovering new comic book shops. In my area there is one that I frequent but Saturday I spent a large chunk of the day with my family outside of our normal wandering radius. We were going to Pokemon TCG open play in Lexington Massachusetts which was the nearest place that held game play. My family has become obsessed with playing the Pokemon trading card game, so this was well worth the 40 minute drive.We went to a collectible shop where they played, but we were also told about a comic book shop, Harrison's Comics and Pop Culture That held Pokemon open play and drafts. So we made our way over there and It was magical. First, their location was in a mall but it was huge.

I'm pretty sure that you guys are aware of my love for Deadpool, so I was naturally drawn to all of the Deadpool items they carried. They had quite a few more deadpool things (plushies, more comics, action figures, figurines etc) but I didn't take pictures of them.

This deadpool mask and word bubble combo is actually at my local comic book shop. The speech bubbles are an ingenious idea and I had to take a good hard look at the mask. I am slowly upgrading my lady deadpool cosplay (very slowly) and I have been on the hunt for a new mask. Although this one is very nicely made, its not feminine enough so I passed. But I definitely could appreciate the quality and the humor in this set.

They also had these adorable Sailor Moon key chains. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a moonie although I do like Sailor Moon, but these were so cute! I find that the older I get the more 'cutesy' things I am attracted to. It took a lot for me to walk away and not purchase one, especially the heart locket.

Do you see that Cobra Commander laying smack dab in the middle of this picture? I had to take a picture of this because I found it coincidental. You see, I have been working on a Cobra Commander cosplay for my son recently. His version has the reflective helmet instead of the one pictured below. I laughed to myself a bit when I saw this. It basically solidified that no matter what I need to get this costume done. I say that because I've run into a few issues when making the jacket and I was honestly considering scrapping the idea. Now I will figure out a way come hell or high water to get it done. Once it's finished you can definitely expect a post with detail on that costume!

There was also a giant Hulk that I totally didn't see for the first 30 minutes I was walking around their store. This thing was at least 8 feet tall. Probably more since I'm terrible with guessing numbers of any kind.

I ended up getting this Deadpool comic book, I needed some light reading anyways. In the last month or two I've amassed quite a few Deadpool comic books and I need to organize them. That's a weekend project for sure.

Although I was there for a bit longer than I'd planned on, I have to say that I enjoyed my time there. There was so much to see from collectibles, comics, vintage toys, action figures, they had quite a variety of items to choose from. I strongly believe in supporting your local business so I feel that I did my part by making a purchase. I will definitely be going back there a few times a month, considering they are the closest place that holds Pokemon TCG drafts and open play.

lotsa love to ya!

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