Lobo Facepaint

I'm not sure if too many of you guys are familiar with this DC Character, so I'd really recommend you look him up because he is the definition of Badass. I Plan on doing a gender bent version of him possibly this year,so I figured I would play around with the makeup first.

I also got the Hasselblad camera attachment for my Moto Z phone and I wanted to try it out, so I decided to make a video. I haven't made a video or even streamed in quite some time and I really need to fix that. I haven't even blogged in what feels like forever but I am planning things out better so I will have more content generating on a regular basis across multiple platforms.

As I state in the description for the video, I'm not a makeup artist, nor am I using the correct paints/tools for face paint. I just wanted to try it out and have some fun. Later down the line if I start to become more interested in body painting, I will make sure to get the right stuff. But for now I don't want to spend money on unnecessary things.

So in the above video, I was using regular black gel eyeliner. I know,I know I used so much and it was a waste, but it was the old stuff. I would have had to get rid of it soon enough. The white is actual body paint I got from Party City. It too was old, lol. All my brushes were clean though, even though they didnt work so well. I might gather enough of the right paints to redo this and try it again some other time. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, I had way too much fun making it as you can see by my serial killer laughing. I should be back to a normal schedule posting and streaming and videos as soon as I get it all together.

lotsa love to ya!


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