Northeast Comic Con

I'm a tad bit late on writing this, but better late than never, right? My first con of the 2017 season was March 4th being Northeast Comic Con. This convention was actually held at the Hanover Mall which was a new thing for me. Most conventions are held at convention centers, so when I head that this would be in a mall, I was very curious. My family and I made a day out of it traveling together. My son and I dressed themed as Mortal Kombat characters. I wore Raiden and he wore Sub Zero. I have to admit that I got a kick out of people looking at us confused. A lot of people did stop us for pictures, though. A lot of the mall goers seemed to have no idea that there was a convention being held there. I was honestly a bit nervous when we pulled up because I didn't see anyone in costume. They were all hiding inside where it was warm. The day we went, it was FREEZING!

Although I didn't buy anything, there was definitely a lot to see and do. I mostly enjoyed socializing with other cosplayers. It was really cold the day we went to the con, but the amazing thing about Northeast Comic Con, they do more than one convention a year! They will be hosting another con in the summer, at the same location. I am extremely excited for that! Ive got plenty of time to figure out a new cosplay (or an old one to revamp)!

lotsa love to ya!

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