Super Mega Fest 2017

Another con down in the books! We went to Super Mega Fest this past weekend and had a lot of fun despite not staying long. We usually go on family or kids day, so we visited the convention on Sunday.  There were lots of vendors and thing to see and there was even a scavenger hunt for the kids to do. We went to several different booths, got stamps and my son got a really cool Spider-Man poster!

My son and I did themed costumes again. We chose G.I Joe costumes! I wore my Baroness costume and he wore his Cobra Commander costume I made for him. I'll post costume notes on that towards the end of this post.

There were so many cool vendors there. One I especially liked had an interactive setup where you diffuse a bomb! It was fun and Cobra Commander was actually able to diffuse it (will a little help from dad)! Here are some of the pictures we took:

I ran into a few cosplay friends at the Con and met some new ones, and finally got to meet some in person. I have quite a few Internet cosplay friends, but we never make it to the same cons, but this time, I got to meet them. Especially my Senpai!

Cobra Commander Costume notes:

My sons Cobra Commander costume was challenging in some parts, but easier in others. I anticipated the helmet being the most difficult, but it was easiest. In fact, it was the first piece I completed.

  • Helmet Details: The actual helmet was made from EVA foam floor mats. I'm not sure what the thickness measures at, maybe 10MM? I had a template for a Kylo Ren Helmet that I modified around the front. I attached the pieces using hot clue (next time will either be contact cement or barge cement) and because of this, the surface was a bit uneven. So I went over the surface with white caulking to even it out. After it was smooth and dry, I painted a base coat of a darker royal blue with a white rectangle in the middle. The silver face mask I was so excited about. It came from Party City, it's their silver faceless mask. I'd come across it searching for something else so when I decided to make this costume, i remembered it right away. 
  • Cape Details: the cape was simple. I basically made two tapered rectangles. Luckily I didn't need to buy any fabric for this part, I used a matte satin for the black outside, and some leftover red heavy weight spandex for the inside. I overlapped the black around the red so as to make it look like trim I guess. Then I top stitched all the way around
  • Boot Cover Details:  The boot covers were a bit new for me. I've made boot covers for my own costumes but they are always out of spandex and I've attached them permanently to a specific pair of shoes. These boot covers are removable but are fitted to my sons shoes. I started by wrapping one of his sneakers in plastic wrap then covering the top and sides with masking tape. I drew a line from the heel to the toe and cut it all out. Since it was a curve, I cut darts on both halves. Then I used that to make a pattern for the faux leather. I love that material, it had stretch but was buttery soft! I stitched up the front and back seams and the darts and I extended the top to form boots. Lastly I attached three strips of elastic across the bottoms to hold the covers on tight. 
  • Pants Details: These were a lot easier than I anticipated. I used a pair of my sons jeans as a template. After stitching the outer seams I top stitched the red trim across the outside of each pant leg. Then I sewed up the inseam. After fitting my son a few times I had to bring them in two times to keep them from being so baggy. The zipper was a bit tricky, but I was able to get it on there. Granted it doesn't look exactly how I want it to, it was good enough. I also made belt loops (tedious work!). They were straight forward, stitching strips of fabric into long rectangles and then top stitching them to the pants. 
  • Cord Details: there's not much to say about this, I went to the home notions section of Joanns and found this cord/trim in a light blue. I also found gold and wanted him to wear that instead, but he chose the blue. I just hot glued it together and stuck it on his jacket!
  • Jacket Details: Speaking of the jacket....this thing was the bane of my existence for several weeks. It took me two tries at this thing and it still didn't turn out good.  First I used one of his shirts as a template. The sleeves were cut no problem. The back of the jacket was straight forward as well. But the front gave me quite the challenge. I had to make two separate fronts and start one from the left side, and one from the right. Then I cut each respective side top to the angle I thought was correct. The lapels were extremely difficult for me. Attaching the collar and lapels frustrated me and it took several times to get them on. I need to redo them because the seams aren't that neat. The buttons I sewed on by hand and I actually used the button hole foot on my sewing machine for the first time! I was slightly nervous about it, I didn't want to mess it up, but it worked pretty easily!
Overall I had a lot of fun at the convention (despite leaving early and leaving empty handed) and I had even more fun making the costume for my son. The end of the month we will be heading to another Con and we will be bringing back Lady Deadpool and Kidpool! 

lotsa love to ya!

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