Fun Friday Fav's # 23

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It's about time for another edition of Fun Friday Fav's don't you guys think?  I've found myself slightly obsessing with all things Mermaid again. So this post will be strictly dedicated to Mermaid stuff.

 I came across Contemporary Jellyfish Chandelier Company and was blown away. Their Chandeliers are beautifully lit and expertly crafted. You can definitely tell they are high quality.Just look at this beautiful chandelier
insert heart eye emoji!
I also feel the need to own a Mermaid Tiara and was terribly swooning when I came across this one found over on Lyrica The Mermaid's blog:

On the topic of Mermaid Tiaras, I actually got inspired by this post over on Debis Design Diary. I am going to attempt to make my own mermaid crown very soon. Her tutorial is very straight forward and simple, and turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I absolutely adore this necklace from Streets of Orleans Mermaid Tears. It looks so interesting and cool

You know what I love to see but am terrified to actually try? Wearing a mermaid fin. They look beautiful and I would totally wear one on the beach but I'd be scared in the water for some reason. But Fin Folk Productions have the most gorgeous fins I've seen anyone make. And they have a huge variety to choose from

this adorable item really inspires me to decorate my bathroom. Over on Home Decort they have Mermaid inspired decorating ideas for your bathroom. I really like the shells and small lights, it looks like a small jar of magic!

Lets talk about candy for a sec. Specifically bark. I found a to DIE for recipe over on and it looks almost too good to eat. Almost...

I found images of  black mermaids that I love so much. You don't see black mermaids hardly anywhere, so to see badass illustrations of them I have to share them!
This one is from wolfdancer over on Tumblr:

Here is another one (I have to say I really love the whole scene here too) from WELL NEW ORLEANS also on Tumblr:

And finally this post from Blk Women Art which I am seriously loving

Lastly, I love makeup and what I really want to try is Mermaid Makeup. This last photo is one of many from a post over on  with Mermaid inspired looks. I might go as a mermaid for Halloween this year...maybe.

Are you obsessed with all things Mermaid like I am? Do you have a favorite item from this list? What is something that you would add to my list of Fun Friday Favs this week!?
lotsa love to ya!

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