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September Photo Set

September is the push for my Patreon page and right now I've got a cool poll running! Now, normally my two higher tier Patrons would be the ones to get to choose my Cosplay Photo Set theme, but for the month of September only, any and everyone has the opportunity to choose. So the way this will work, is each month there will be three (possibly four) costumes to choose from. A google doc will be provided to make voting simple. Below are your three choices for the month of September:

The three choices for September's photo set are Zatanna, Catwoman and Baroness. To vote please choose your option below and hit submit. Thats it! This is the final week to cast your vote! The winner will have a photo set which includes between 6-10 photos that will be available only to Mad Luv and Full of Luv Patrons digitally.

Are you curious about all of my reward tiers? Feel free to stop by my Patreon any time and have a look around! Have a suggestion for me? I'm open to what you have to say as well.

lotsa love to ya!

I'm Von! I'm a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. I have a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about me and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!