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Okay so for a short ( I mean super short) time I thought that Alien Covenant was the name of the Alien video game that came out some time ago. My husband asked if I wanted to watch it and I was so confused. After pulling it up and realizing that this was the newest movie, part of me was excited, part of me somewhat sad. It felt like Alien Covenant hadn’t been in theaters that long. That made me wonder if it was any good. The Alien movies used to be my absolute favorites for such a long time. My mom loves them as well. So When talk was going around about a new Alien movie being made I had high hopes for it. I wasn’t sure what to make out of the fact that it was already out at Redbox. But we decided to rent it anyway. I had really high expectations for this movie because it was adding to the Alien franchise. All of the Alien movies  (not so much Alien Ressurection- that one got a little…weird) Had solid stories, strong characters. Let me rephrase that, strong FEMALE characters, and action as well as drama. Thant includes Prometheus. I was hoping that they would be able to tie that movie in somewhere. 

First and foremost I have to start with the most ridiculous, probably the most frivolous thing that bothered me throughout the entire movie. Michael Fassbender’s accent as Walter. I get that maybe they were going with some sort of Midwestern slight twang in his voice. Maybe something about that kind of voice would seem non-threatening to humans, but every time he spoke as Walter, I wanted to gouge my ears out. Well that may be a bit extreme, I was very annoyed about it. His normal speaking voice is great, and  sounds good as that of a Synthetic. Like I said, it was frivolous.

The movie starts with a colony ship on its way to a habitable planet that was years away. The colonists and the crew were all in hypersleep. Their Synthetic, Walter, was the only one awake and it was his duty to make sure things ran smoothly. All was fine until their ship unraveled gold sheets to recharge. Random disaster ensues waking the crew violently and they all try to recover and fix said disaster. Several crew members die including their captain, leaving the next in line acting as captain. The crew obviously doesn't trust him and we find out shortly thereafter they don't because he is a religious man. While the crew are awake and repairing things on the ship, they intercept a transmission from another planet. The transmission is a human or humanoid figure that is singing a song one of the crew members, Tennessee, knows and starts singing along with. The planet, which seemingly popped up out of nowhere, is not only habitable, but it is also significantly closer than the planet they were supposed to be going to. The acting Captain decides to chart a course there instead, despite very adamant disagreement from Daniels (the movie's female lead). The captain wants to not only locate the source of the transmission  but investigate it as a possible colonization planet.

Upon first landing, everything seemed great. The planet was lush and green and had breathable air. But Daniels does make a very ominous observation. She said to listen, and there was no sound or sign of other life around. No birds, no animals, everything was just quiet. That should have been their first warning but they were still looking to investigate things. Their party splits up with an Ecologist and a second crew member there to help her, and the rest of their group looking for the transmission. Well the crew member that was with the ecologist along with a crew member with the main body of the expedition ended up coming into contact with the same spores/material that we saw in Prometheus. They both began coughing and got pretty sick pretty quick. Of course there's always at least one person who stays with the ship so when the ecologists' tag-a-long started to get bad she radioed the ship and told them to prep the medical bay. That was when it got bad. The Ecologist and the other guy got into the medical bay and she got him on the table. He started convulsing and then his back blew out. we are all used to the regular chest busters from all of the other Alien movies. But this guy had a Back Buster. A BACK BUSTER:
 Talk about FREAKY. The Alien that climbed out of his back looked very different from the ones we are used to seeing from this franchise as well. Naturally the Ecologist loses her shit when she realizes that shes locked in the med bay with her dead colleague and the alien. Of course she dies and the alien busts its way through the glass. The crew member that locked her in there radioed the main ship that was above the planet in space and also the other crew that was still out there that there was something going on that there was another life form on board. Just about when the other group got within view of the ship, the crew member was shooting at the alien which was after her at this point. She shot something that ended up blowing up the ship. At the same time their other infected crew member's alien popped out of his mouth. Ew, it was disgusting, but this alien looked like all of the normal aliens in the franchise.  Both of the aliens were around them in a field of high grass and it seemed as if they were all about to die when a super bright flash of light was set off overhead and they were saved by someone (they didn't know who yet). Enter David.

Yes! This is David from Prometheus. He tells them who he is and tells the about what happened on the Prometheus expedition. This was partially what I was waiting to hear.  He tells them how Elizabeth Shaw put him back together, saved his life, and that she unfortunately died. Without going into much more detail of the movie (I think I spoiled enough so far) Things are NOT what they seem. The remaining crew find out the truth about what has happened on the planet and fight their way back to their comrades who were finally able to fly down to save them (there was a massive hurricane that was preventing them from flying down). They think everything is fine when they are on board but its not. That's all I will say!

Overall I really did enjoy this movie, although I had to look up the timeline for this, Prometheus and the other alien movies. I would love to sit down and watch them in order.  The amount of action was great. I also liked how the movie didn't start slow. It began and there was almost an immediate issue. The action wasn't all blood and gore although you can't have an alien bursting free from it's human host without some sort of blood. Can we just take another minute to acknowedge the back buster again? I mean that scene was just freaky. They did show it coming out which I guess was necessary to show how vicious that alien would be. Aside from that, I enjoyed the fact that Daniels, a female crew member, turns into the lead character. The movies in this franchise do a really good job of keeping female leads that are strong and know what needs to be done and taking care of business. Did you see this movie? If so, what are your thoughts? Did you like it? hate it? leave me a comment or drop me an email if you like! If there are other movies you'd like me to watch and review, leave me a comment as well, I love watching movies!

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