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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Storm Cosplay

Storm is a character I've wanted to cosplay for quite some time now. I hesitated a lot due to planning out the costume. It looks like a simple costume but it's a bit more complex than it seems. I debuted my Storm at Super Megafest this past weekend. I had a great time and I was so proud of this costume!

Costume notes:

1) Headpiece- I started with the Headpiece- as it was the smallest part and seemed to be the easiest. I used Eva foam that is made for gym floor mats. I used my heat gun to smooth the light texture on the front. I also applied extra heat to shape it in a curve to fit to my head. I primed it with pva glue and then painted it all black. To secure it to my hair I hot glued four small hair clips to the inside of the front part.

2) Bracelets- for the bracelets I also used the same Eva foam. I cut strips that were a little bigger than my wrists. I used ansoldering iron in order to get a curved shape to make them look more Ike Bangles. Then I primed them with 3 layers of PVC glue and like 5 layers of gold paint. I didn't join the strips into circles until the cape was done.

3) Bodysuit- the bodysuit was tricky. I started off using a tank top and swimsuit bottoms for a template but decided to try using an actual pattern. I used a Yaya Han pattern for a bunny suit to start with. I made a mock-up using muslin fabric that ended up being WAY too big. I adjusted it a bit and then realized it was basically the same as the version I started. I just needed to cut parts to sew back up. I added a zipper although it's not needed. The fabric was a thick, heavy weight knit with a lot of 4 way stretch. For the gold trim I used a gold metallic 4 way stretch lycra and attached using a zigzag stitch.

4) Cape- this was by far the most confusing part of this costume for me. First, I couldn't find any, I mean ANY back photos of Storm. I couldn't find a decent reference picture for a while. I think I'd been searching for something not that closely related to Storm when i came across a photo of a cosplayer. She was looking over her shoulder and I finally could see the back of the costume! Then several related images also showed the back. I got a good idea of the basic shape which I was able to cut out close to how I wanted. The only issue I wound up having with the cape was attaching it. The fabric I used was a heavier weight fabric which looked good both as the bodysuit and the cape, but it was too heavy to simply attach clips to. Inthe end I had to top stitch it to the back side of my bodysuit.

5) Boots- Luckily I had a pair of black thigh high boots already. I used the remainder of the gold lycra I had and did a top stitch across the perimeter both top and bottom, and left and right. I didn't do a zig zag stitch because my thigh high boots are not stretchy at the top. 

I completed the entire thing with a white wig and my favorite white out contacts. I actually plan on having a photo set of my Storm cosplay but I haven't decided when that will be yet.

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lotsa love to ya!

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