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I'm starting to explore my local area more and I am so excited to have visited the Worcester Art Museum recently. It'd been a while since I set foot in an art museum, and I really missed it. I love art. Any kind of art to be honest. I was so excited, Worcester Massachusetts is a very artistic city, so I was sure that there would be a lot of interesting things to see as well as a lot of historical art too. Before we even got to the front door, we saw Worcester Art Museum stickers on the light post at the corner. I got such a huge kick out of this. Such a silly yet awesome thing, but at some point, someone started a tradition to put your sticker on there. What a Worcester things to do!


 They had some of the most beautifully sculpted pieces of jade. So many different colors, the below left piece was probably my favorite one.

 Their Greek Art room was fairly small. This took me by surprise. I thought there would be more pieces of pottery but there was only a few pieces.

I was really looking forward to the Egyptian room. Egyptian history and mythology is one of my favorites!

 There was a special exhibit that was there also. This one really, I mean really freaked me out when I first saw it. The exhibit is the Reusable Universes: Shih Chieh Huang.. They were definitely beautiful, but I was not prepared to see moving pieces of art! On first glance, this gallery was alive! Each piece moving at its own pace, in a very organic way. They all resemble Jellyfish and other deep sea creatures, maybe that's what shocked me at first. When we were inside the gallery I calmed down and took in how intricate each piece was.

Their Pre Colombian room was interesting. It really made me miss my regulatory watching of Ancient Aliens on Friday nights. There was so much to see in this room, this is actually where we started our self guided tour. I love learning about the ancient Mayans and there was so much to look at in relation to their culture. Ancient Aliens spends a lot of time on this era in human history and it was really cool to look at pieces that are from that time and see them up close instead of through a computer screen!

 Overall I had a blast. There are some areas I wish there was more of, but there was still so much to see. Even though we didn't take our complete time, we still spent 2 hours at the museum, which with an eight year old, that is a LONG time to spend at a place like that. But even he had a lot of fun viewing the exhibits and  seeing art and artifacts from so many different periods of time

lotsa love to ya!

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