Hype Support

There are two things that I wanted to mention in a super short post! I'm listing them separately, but they actually go hand in hand in a way.. 

  1. July is my birthday month and its almost here!
  2. There are several ways to support me and also get something in return!
So for the first option, July is my birthday month, but my birthday isn't until the end of the month. I'm excited about my birthday month, but not exactly my own birthday. Summer is in full swing, its finally starting to get hot and 4th of July is coming rapidly. I love the summer and the heat, and swimsuits and NO SNOW! So that's about it for that part. 

For the second option, there are a few ways to support me if you are interested. I was using Patreon for a while and it got away from me due to personal stress and generally not being able to deal with everything at the time. I gave it up for a bit but I just couldn't stay away. I was successful after the second relaunch, maybe this time will be even better? Third time is supposed to be a charm, right? Let's see how this time around goes!

 I've set up tiers and rewards that mirror my Ko-Fi page. I have had some success with Ko-Fi as well, and I like how this seems a little more immediate than Patreon.

I do understand though, that people don't necessarily want to create accounts on multiple websites, and with Ko-Fi, if you have a paypal account, you pay through there, you don't have to register for an account with Ko-Fi at all. But I think that the way I have them both setup, it should work out a little better this time. Things in general are less stressful and I've been working to get things done ahead of time and I have a nice queue prepared so that will also be less stress. So for anyone who might be interested in supporting me 

lotsa love to ya!

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