Lewd Cosplay

Man oh man, remember how I said that a lot of things have changed over the past 6 months? They seriously have and that is definitely reflected in my cosplay. One thing about the cosplay's I'd done in the past, everything was done with the intent of accuracy. Never did I intend on making a costume because of sex appeal or sexuality of the character. Things started to change with a passing thought about lewd cosplays. "Is it possible to make a lewd gender bent cosplay??" A miscellaneous passing thought that I believe I tweeted and then forgot. I really have no idea how I came back to it until I actually had an answer to that. Yes. Yes it is definitely possible to make a lewd version of a gender bent cosplay. and I figured it out. Enter, Lewd Raiden. I'll post a side by side of my regular Raiden cosplay, and then my Lewd Raiden:

There are definite similarities, as well as definite differences. I like that I was able to find two shots that are similar in pose. Let's break down the similarities first!


  • Hat
  • White bodysuit
  • arm armor
  • white contacts
  • white gloves
  • blue draping
  • Lewd cosplay uses a wig not balaclava
  • Lewd bodysuit shows more skin
  • Lewd gloves are shorter and light up!
  • Lewd version does not have the black sash
  • Lewd version also has white thigh highs (you can't see them above, unfortunately)

I love both versions but if I were ever to go to an after party, I would HAVE to go as my Lewd Raiden and wear my light up gloves. They seriously are so cool:

Anyways, After creating my Lewd Raiden, I started looking at my other cosplays, and seeing who I could lewd out. Guess which was my immediate next choice. Lady Deadpool of course! I am actually shooting the official Lady Deadpool Variant photos tomorrow, I'm pretty excited for that also. I have decided to go down the list of characters I've made and do a lewd version of all of them. Following Lady Deadpool, Zatanna is up. Some people think that lewd cosplay is not really cosplay, and I disagree wholeheartedly. Whatever kind of cosplay you do, whether it armored, store bought, lewd, swimsuit, whatever, it still all counts as cosplay.

You are still in some kind of version of a character. Lewd Cosplays for me, are a little more relaxed in regards to their look, but I do still want the lewd version to mimic the original version that I have created. So as with my Raidens, there were things that were similar, and those that were different. The similarities were definitely apparent, and made them seem like they were part of each other. But the differences set them apart and you could tell one was a bit more, loose shall we say. The lewd versions that I make are thought out and planned, and I get so excited when I see them come together. My lewd Raiden will have its own post with full construction notes this week. Also additional photos and a bonus video that somewhat emancipated her!

Sexuality has definitely been a taboo subject for me, which is totally opposite from the way I was a while back. I was very open sexually and very much sex positive. This lewd version of Raiden not only helped to open things up on the scale of cosplay, it in hand with other things, helped me to feel more secure in my sexuality. THAT will be explained in my next article, which I am already partially working on now.  What are your thoughts on Lewd Cosplays? Do you love them? Hate them? Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your opinions!

lotsa love to ya!

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