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Y'all know how much I love Lady Deadpool, right? Making her costume was both a struggle and a blast for me. I learned a lot throughout the construction process, and I definitely think that it is one of my favorite costumes. I am most certainly proud of the blood (literal), sweat and tears (also literal) that went into creating it.  Well after making my canon version of her, I got to thinking about an alternate. You see, I am going through all of my cosplays and doing lewd versions of them. After Raiden was such a big hit, I wanted to do my second favorite costume, Lady Deadpool. What I ended up with was not necessarily a lewd version, but it was sexier. I just call it my Lady Deadpool variant.

I wanted to keep a lot of the elements from my original version, but make it sexy. Because this costume was primarily put together from another costume (and other store bought items) I won't post construction notes. I will, however, post costume notes outlining each part of this costume and how it was put together or where it came from!

Costume Notes:

  • Bodysuit - The bodysuit is actually a red romper purchased from amazon. I drew the black sides on by hand. Initially I used fabric ink, but later switched to very large black permanent markers.
  • Socks - these barely-over-the-knee socks were also purchased from Amazon. I didn't modify them at all.
  • Belt/holsters/pouches - these pieces came from my original Lady Deadpool costume. The belt I make from Polypropylene strapping. The holsters I purchased from Amazon. The pouches I sewed myself (but I really need to redo them).
  • Guns - I used 4 guns. My 'Desert Eagles' are two plain water guns from my local Dollar Tree, and my Uzis are Uzi water guns purchased from my local costume store. Both sets were painted black except the orange tips of course.
  • Wig - purchased from Amazon
  • Swords & Scabbard - The Katanas are both paper mache (no, I'm serious!!!), and the scabbard is a mix of 5mm craft foam and cardboard, with a base and straps from an old backpack! 

Lady Deadpool was the costume for Ko-Fi and Patreon for the month of July. Because we are in August, I have moved on to a different costume, but I'm considering having prints available for both my regular version, and also my variant Lady Deadpool. What do you guys think, would you be interested in prints of her?

lotsa love to ya!

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