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Hello everyone! The month of November is basically over and we took a bit of a break from both Patreon and Ko-Fi due to moving. But we are moved in and I am ready to get to work. 

The first announcement is that Raiden will be the next reward costume! I am so excited, I can't even tell you. 

Secondly, ti's the season so we have some Christmas goodies coming along as well. A Christmas photo set (or maybe multiple sets) will be done, as well as video clips.I will be hosting a giveaway that consists of prints, a painting (painted live) and stickers and other stuff. More details will be coming once we actually get into December.

I will be live streaming once again! I've missed streaming so bad, I will be using Mixer for the most part, but on a rare occasion I will be popping over to twitch (maybe a few times a month) to stream there.

December KoFi | Nerdy Curve

Links for everything discussed above you can find right here:

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