Current News:

The month of April is almost here and that means it's time for a new cosplay! This month's Patreon cosplay is Super Sonico, specifically Nurse Sonico (black uniform).

As a reminder for Patreon, Each month I provide not only a regular cosplay photo set, but I also provide a more intimate photo set of the same character. Also throughout the month miscellaneous mini photo sets are released, usually lingerie sets. I am working on getting some gifs and videos loaded also, but that's a whole new venture and I am excited to bring that feature out this month! When you sign up, you will have access to your current month's photo set as well as the prior month. The photos are available to download for personal use.

My Confetti Crew is made up of everyone who supports me online! Every Friday and Saturday night (12AM Midnight EST) on stream I like to thank everyone who has supported me. This goes for Patreon, Ko-Fi, tips on stream, follows and hosts! I pop confetti as a fun way to say thank you for your love and support, you guys are awesome! My schedule can be found on my about me page, so you'll know where I will be when!

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