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Let's Get it Back

Hey people on the internet, it has been a hot minute since I've created an article but I need to explain a few things about that.

About a month ago, I was in the process of changing where my blog was hosted. I've been using for years and finally wanted to have an actual website, not just a blog. In the process of making this move (which didn't go through all the way) all....I mean ALL of my articles were removed. Now I have no way of getting them back and that actually has me sad.

Although they are gone, maybe this is a good thing. A way to revamp some of the old articles I once created. That's partially what I intend on doing. In the coming week I will be publishing new articles as well as updating older blog posts (that I can remember) and publishing them. So this is my chance to create something new. I'll be using this blog as a hub for most of my online activity. Stream events, YouTube, of course blogging, and we'll see what else comes in the future! We're bringing back from the dead with a vengeance!!

Hey you! I'm Von, and I'm a transplant to the New York area! Not only am I a blogger, I'm also a YouTuber and a Live Streamer! I live for Cosplay, Art, Movies and the parts of Nerd Culture! 

To find out more about me, please stop by my ABOUT ME page!