Format Changes

This blog has been through a lot. I mean like, a LOT! I started blogging not truly understanding the direction I wanted to go in. I started Journaling essentially. After some time I changed my blogging into outfits, recipes and crafts. There was still an extremely personal sense of my blogging, but I wasnt sure if that was still the angle I wanted to go at. After a while I started writing articles but i feel as if i lost the personal sense that can make a blog worth reading. After a mishaps when attempting to export my blog to a different platform (SPOILER ALERT: it didn't even work!) I ended up losing ALL of my articles. Years of well written content was gone and I, like a dummy, didnt backup anything. So i was left with a blank blog. That ultimately led to me losing my drive and passion for writing/blogging. My blog sat for a very long time with not a lot going on, but slowly I have been making adjustments and changes that are bringing me back. The biggest change for me is the use of additional pages. I wanted to have a website that I could host my blog on. That was the initial reason I lost my content because I was moving my blog to a website that allowed for hosted blog content. I should have stayed because I was under utilizing pages! Currently I have a few pages in addition to my main page where the blog is:

  • Welcome - This is my landing page. It's kinda 'blah' and I am going to be working on it!
  • Leaderboard - This page hosts STATS for custom games of Fortnite that I host on my Twitch live streams! 
  • Partner - This page lists Brands/Companies/Fellow Bloggers I've worked with, Internet Features I have received as a blogger, as well as ways to collaborate with me in the future.
  • Contact - It's easier to provide a contact form than to spell out my email and risk bots generating spam emails to me. I respond within a few hours depending on the time it is received.
  • About - A page with information about myself and what kinds of things you can expect to see from me on the internet!
  • News - Any updated information on whats going on with me!

There are several adjustments that I will be making to these pages and assessing if they are all still needed. But my plan is to expand and offer different pages (I'm still working on them). Two things I WILL be incorporating heavily is YouTube and Twitch. These two areas I have been working on (more Twitch than YouTube, when it should honestly be the other way around) and I want them to be an integral part of my blog/website. I've been referring to my blog as my 'website' more than anything lately. I really see this as an all encompassing place for my creative content to be housed even though it is created separately and in different places, I will be including it all here! What do you guys think? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see brought over first?

Hey you! I'm Von, and I'm a transplant to the New York area! Not only am I a blogger, I'm also a YouTuber and a Live Streamer! I live for Cosplay, Art, Movies and the parts of Nerd Culture! 

To find out more about me, please stop by my ABOUT ME page!