Hell For an Introvert

I'm going to be working on a series for the blog that we'll call Story Time. This will be me recalling different stories whether they are from my childhood or adulthood, i will be sharing some of the ridiculous stories I have with you guys. The first story i wanted to share with you was about when my mom figured out i was an introvert. Then she figured out how to torture m,

First let me say that I am an introvert but I have extroverted tendencies sometimes. I can interact and be social with people, but in all honesty, I am completely comfortable being at home and relaxing either by myself or with just my family. I actually do prefer being at home and doing nothing than having to interact with and be around other people. This has been the case for me for a long time. Well into my childhood I knew that I wasn't the type of person to easily socialize or have a ton of friends or want to be around people. I definitely knew this before my mother. As a kid, I was more reserved, kept to myself and was quiet, but my mom always told me that I had a bad attitude. I got in trouble often.  If i was talking back and got in trouble, i was sent to my room. If i didn't do my homework or my chores, I was sent to my room. If i got bad grades on my report card, I was sent to my room and i had to stay there for 'x' amount of time. I always gave her grief about that. Not so much for being sent to my room, but more for the reason that I got fussed at. I always went to my room, closed the door and just sat there for a few minutes doing nothing before I started doing anything. You see, I loved being in my room. I mean, I LOVED being in my room. I had art supplies, crafting materials, pens, notebooks, pencils, markers....I had all the things I needed in order to keep myself occupied for a long time. 

I think it took my mom WAY too long to realize that I actually enjoyed being in my room. Usually i had the door closed but I ended up getting in trouble for slamming the door and my dad removed the door all together ha, Without my door, It quickly became apparent that I was enjoying being in my room. My room being right next to the bathroom, and stairs, whenever She would walk past I know she would peer into my room to see what I was doing. I remember it very clearly my bedwas in between where I was sitting on the floor and the door. My mom was watching me from the hallway then she actually walked into my room to ask what I was doing. That's when she saw the shoebox town I created from a good amount of my shoes from my closet. I still don't know if her initial expression was shock due to the 10 shoe boxes I was using, the fact that they were turned into buildings, or the fact that I was thoroughly entertained...but she quickly laughed and asked me what the hell I was doing. I know I shouldn't have messed with my shoeboxes (my mom had a thing about keeping shoe boxes in order to keep everything neat and i n order in our closets).

When I explained to her and showed her what I had made she said that it was very interesting. I showed her the buildings I created, the Burger King with a working drive through and a truck to go through that drive through. She thjen explained to me that the whole point of me being sent to my room was a time to reflect on what I did and how to change my behavior. She then lectured me about something, I really cant remember what. I do, however, remember the look on her face when she said she wasn't going to send me back to my room any more. Instead, she told me that she would be sending me outside. To play with the neighbor kids or my brother. I remember my heart sinking when I listened to her....Instead of being able to be in my fortress of solitude, I have to go outside......where its either hot, or cold, or there's nature out there....and I have to spend time with the neighbor kids? I remember thinking first of all they are weird as heck, but then if I didn't play with them i have to spend time with my brother and his friends? Ew gross, no thank you! 

I know i still got in a lot of trouble growing up. I remember getting sent outside and there were additional tortures such as helping with yard work, or shoveling snow in the winter....the horror!

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