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Everything listed on this page is in regards to my Mixer Channel:

We have a fun sound board! Below is a list of commands that you can use in my chat to trigger a sound effect:

!alia       !gotem   !wow     !thug   !yay     !wrong

!bruh     !foam     !bully     !ree     !wut     !run

!wait      !oof        !wow      !mk     !ded     !cobra

!lj           !epic       !sad        !ahh     !nope  !troll

!nyan     !yeet      !boi        !noob   !saw     !snake

!gijoe     !oop      !woo       !loot     !lifeline 

!spark   !boom    !nuts      !rick     !yessir

Other commands for the channel are:

!ig - the link to my instagram account
!twitter - the link to my twitter account
!followage - find out how long you've been in the Nerd Fam
!magic8ball - ask an AI random questions?
!social - links for my social media sites
!discord - a link to my discord server
!gt - my xbox Gamertag and Epic ID
!next - when active, puts you in the queue for the next game with me